Admission to Manchester Alliance Chinese Language School for 2023/24

Application for admission to Chinese Languague School for 2023/24 year will be opened on 11th June 2023 at 4:30pm.

New Student Application information 2023/24

New student application form


Manchester Alliance Chinese Language School” is a non-profit making organisation, seeking to serve the Chinese community in Greater Manchester. The objectives of the School are to educate the youngsters of Chinese residents in Chinese language and Chinese culture, as well as to foster their moral character through biblical teaching.

The School has served the Chinese community since 1994. We always seek to provide the highest quality of education to our students. Our teaching team has especially designed a series of course materials according to the needs of our students. Currently, the School offers Chinese language courses from kindergarten to International GCSE level.

The School has its own venue and facilities. In order to provide the highest standard of care, we maintain a policy of not more than 15 pupils per class. Our Chinese teachers are trained by professional teachers who have extensive experience in teaching Chinese youngsters in this country.

Classes will be held between 1:00 – 3:55pm on Sundays (International GCSE Foundation

Class and International GCSE Class: 1:00-4:15pm)

(Note: Programme for the students: 1:00-2:15pm – Bible and moral teaching; 2:15-2:40pm

Break; 2:40-3:55/4:15pm Chinese Language lesson)

Admission requirements

1. The applicant must be a legal and long term resident in the UK.

2. The applicant shall agree with the religious objectives and policies of the School.

3. Students must be ethnic Chinese, 4 years of age or above.
Priority will be granted to those who are capable of communicating in Cantonese.

4. Applications for students under the age of 17 must be submitted by their parents.