Discipleship Training (Discipleship) is a systematic arrangement for the purpose of cultivating believers, establishing a stable spiritual life, eager to pursue, and becoming a more mature follower of Jesus Christ. The point of discipleship is that after being trained, you can be a “faithful person who will be able to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2) and become a life transmitter.

The course is led by a group instructor and is conducted in a small group. Through worship, teaching, sharing, prayer and Bible study, the group members can develop the spirit of mutual help and learning, support each other, and move towards growth. The course lasts about one year, each group has about four to six people, and each time takes about two to two and a half hours.

The Four Objectives

1. Be able to establish a personal relationship with God, have a stable spiritual practice and Bible reading life.
2. Have a basic understanding of the growth of personal life.
3. Caring for others, paying attention to the society, and willing to share faith with others, as a witness for the Lord.
4. Commit to Christ and participate in church service.

Participant Requirements

1. Pass the interview;
2. Willing to commit to one year and participate in a weekly group;
3. Willing to pursue growth and open yourself up so as to establish a closer relationship with God, with people, and with yourself;
4. Must participate in the retreat camp;
5. Need to write reflection articles or reading experience as specified by the instructor on a regular basis;
6. During the discipleship, one should maintain an inherent fellowship or group life;
7. During the discipleship, at least one quarter of the truth course must be attended, and 80% of the attendance requirements must be completed.