At the present, we provide professional parental counselling and emotional distress counselling for individuals and families, premarital counselling, marriage counselling, children and adolescents counselling. We also provide growth counselling for people of different ages to help them transcend themselves and live more relaxed in different stages of life.

Who needs the psychological counselling services

Anyone who wants to become more healthy, physically and psychologically; anyone who wants a more peaceful hear, a more harmonious relationship, or seek self-improvement.


Language of service: Cantonese and Mandarin.

Service hours: 10:00-18:00, Tuesday to Thursday, or individually arranged with counsellor.

As for the expense, we expect to achieve the goal of self-financing. For the time being, it is free dedication. Although the recommended offering is £45 per session (50 minutes).

Get in touch

Reverend Pandora Li

Mobile: 07826213158